💬 “I’m in the surgery and I’m stood over somebody’s spine and prodding around the muscle tissue and the bone structure. I can actually feel, touch and even engage with doing surgery on them. It was absolutely surreal and when I took the VR headset off my mind was blown. When I think back on the experience, it feels like a memory, not a virtual experience, but a memory; that I was actually feeling, touching and interacting with that human body.”

This is a conversation with Ashton Addington.

🎙️ Ashton is an Associate Director of @TechNET Immersive. He is aligned with the specialised needs of the XR industry and is passionate about the potential of spatial computing. The XR industry incorporates Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Volumetric Capture, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Gaming.

🎧 In this episode, Ashton talks about the evolution in remote communications from Zoom and Teams to interactive 3d avatars. How the game Fortnight could be the leader in virtual spaces in the future and he speculates on what we may do inside these virtual worlds. Ashton explains what XR is and the industry and hiring trends in this space. Finally, he talks about the trend of computer game developers crossing over into augmented and virtual reality businesses as the need for real-looking worlds becomes more important.

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