AI must be part of the ‘DNA’ of your business now. You may get the cheaper technology if you wait for the innovation curve to progress, but you will be way, way behind that curve and most significantly you will have missed the opportunity to have established AI in your ‘DNA’”

This is a conversation with Dr Djamila Amimer. Djamila is the founder of Mind Senses Global, her business helps organisations apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unlock its full potential. She has developed novel AI techniques that help to deal with uncertainty in project evaluation and she spends time exploring what the next wave of AI will do. Djamila is passionate about AI for good and making AI accessible to everyone.

In this episode, Djamila talks about the importance of quantity and quality in data for AI projects, about why businesses should embed AI in their company DNA, and a future where more powerful AI can apply Causal reasoning and potentially requires far fewer data to achieve equal or better results than today’s models.

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