“Do you what else happened during this crisis? It created a wealth divide even more! In the last two months, the world’s 25 richest billionaires have gained $225 billion. This is not linear growth, it’s exponential, a big hockey stick. To get a more equitable society and fair society we need to democratize and decentralize health. Right now.”

This is a conversation with Cyril Lutterodt. Cyril is a Software Engineering and Psychology major turned roboticist. He has built multiple autonomous vehicles and systems and worked on the incorporation of artificial intelligence in real world applications. Cyril is fascinated by the advancements in neuroscience and neuropsychology and now working on his new venture, a HealthTech company with the grand vision of making sickness a thing of the past.

In this episode, Cyril talks about his big ideas for his work and for the whole of humanity. He describes the body scanning technology he is bringing to market, which led us into a conversation about Covid-19 spread prevention and the role of ethics in software and AI development.

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