“My data is being used and exploited, and I can do nothing about it. We need to modernise the legal system. Apart from all the ethical, moral discussions that need to be made, we need a legal system that takes into consideration the fact that intelligence doesn’t need to be visible to be acting against me.”

This is a conversation with Dr Maria Aretoulaki. Maria is a Speech and Language technologies Consultant with a Post-Doc in Spoken Dialogue Management, a PhD in Automatic Text Summarisation, an M.Sc. in Machine Translation, and a B.A. in Linguistics. Maria is the founder and Director of DialogCONNECTION, a Voice User Interface (VUI) Design consultancy.

In this episode, Maria discusses how data will live on eternally and how it might carry us individually with it. She explains why she has a problem with the way that Big Tech collects and uses data and what we can do about it.

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