“There has been big news about, Oh, there is no toilet paper. I agree. If you go to the big names, it wasn’t there. I went to the local shops, and they had racks full of it. Why? Because corporate supply chains are finely tuned towards a certain goal: NOT to meet the customer needs, but to source toilet roll from wherever possible as long as they make that profit, that’s where it stops. No profit, no roll.”

This is a conversation with Raj Balasundaram. Raj is a Digital Marketing Evangelist and Artificial Intelligence Marketing aficionado. He is a tech storyteller, mentor and teacher simplifying complex digital challenges into common sense.

In this episode, Raj talks about how AI is used in our supply chains to ensure profits for the retailers and why this meant that for a period of time we had no toilet roll. He makes a strong call for change and why this is important for our supply chain resilience and our planet.

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