💬 “We need to have a diversity of ideas and diversity of solutions to solve this diversity and inclusion problem. It’s about how we process information differently. Bias training doesn’t change our mindset, so I think we need to discover how AI and augmented intelligence can tackle this.” Riham Satti

This is a conversation with Riham Satti

🎙️ Riham is a clinical neuroscientist turned entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and CEO of MeVitae, a cognitive recruiting system that makes intelligent and personalised hiring decisions.

🎧 In this episode, Riham explains what has to happen in businesses to address and tackle diversity challenges. She clarifies exactly why this is so important, not just because of fairness, not just because it offers more opportunity to more people, but because it’s going to be the single, most powerful driver for business transformation. In my opinion, a company’s ability to understand, address and benefit from D&I, (Diversity and inclusion) will directly correlate to their ability to innovate, to democratise decision making and ideas from across all the workforce and find their own route quickly to environmental sustainability.

As we always say on this show, everything is connected.

Solve gender inequality around the world and it’s possible that you’ll probably make big progress in addressing social justice, climate action and innovation gaps. Whilst Riham’s work focusses on HR hiring processes, there’s no way I could resist asking some massive questions about human cognitive evolution, limits and opportunities to a guest with Masters degrees in neuroscience and biomedical engineering. As you know we don’t do much small talk on this show, and if you like big talk, then you’ll definitely enjoy the start of this episode.

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