💬 “It’s not easy for one human being with one set of experiences to understand the implications of AI, and that’s the challenge for a decision-maker. When AI generates a prediction, it can be crazy smart or simply crazy. A leader needs to learn how to tell the difference.” @Karen Silverman

🎙️ Karen is the CEO and Founder of The Cantellus Group an innovative advisory group helping business to successfully navigate applied AI and frontier technologies. She was formerly a managing partner of Latham & Watkins, LLP San Francisco office, where she led the firm’s partnership with the World Economic Forum.

Karen is a leading voice on harnessing the power of advanced technologies and building trustworthy AI and frontier technology systems. She is a globally recognized leader in corporate antitrust matters, having successfully guided hundreds of transactions through complex regulatory challenges and enterprise-critical government investigations to completion. In 2019 Karen was named by the Financial Times as a Top Ten Innovative Lawyer and by the California Daily Journal as a Top AI Attorney in California.

🎧 In this episode, Karen and I talk about what makes AI and frontier technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality and bioengineering different from previous technologies and the implications of these differences. We discussed what a CEO needs to know and do to navigate frontier technologies and the big challenges that persist with trying to successfully adopt and scale AI in the enterprise. Karen talks about what her company does to try and address these challenges and where she sees significant innovation opportunities for businesses.

We had a robust conversation about the challenges ahead for HR leaders as they work towards incorporating an augmented and digital workforce and we spoke about business ethics with AI and about knowing where and when to draw the line of data use. Karen explained that we may be better to legislate specific AI use cases rather than the developments or models.

She warns against AI applications suffering the same challenges that genetically modified organisms technologies have, where GMO was viewed as uncontrollable, unnatural and undesirable.

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