💬 “80% of the knowledge your company has collectively is in documents. Documents describing processes, but also emails, casual conversations and presentations. If you want to be a knowledge driven company, you will have to put all this knowledge into one single place. You might call it a digital brain.” @Miguel Montero de Quadras

This is a conversation Miguel Montero

🎙️ Miguel is the founder and former CEO of Atomian and currently its CTO. He is an industrial engineering graduate from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and he also holds a degree in Software Engineering from the Open University of Catalonia. Miguel began developing the Atomian product while he was still a 24-year old student and worked on it for 18 years. He is a pioneer in cognitive computing and used an original system to reproduce human cognitive processes based on symbols, data structures and algorithms.

🎧 In this episode, Miguel and I talk about how companies can harness AI to make themselves more human. The emphasis being on both those words. To be more and to be human. He recommends taking care of your admin and repeated processes with automation technologies and then focussing on using AI to extend the reach and impact of your human employees. This is only achievable Miquel says, when you move beyond being an information or a data company to being a knowledge company. When you find a way to digitally collect and harness all the knowledge that your company has and call upon it to make the best possible decisions. He describes this process, like a company having a digital brain.

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