💬 “I think when we look at AI ethics, sometimes we feel it is a simple choice between good and bad, but the choice can be between bad and bad, or good and good. And those are the more complex conundrums where simple solutions or simple slogans aren’t appropriate.” Dr Naeema Pasha

🎙️ My Friday Co-Host is @Dr Naeema Pasha. She works for Henley Business School partly focussing on future strategy, vision and operations of business education. Everything from people engagement to tech adoption.

🎧 In this episode Naeema and I discussed our reactions to this week’s episodes with Stefan Jansen and John MacIntyre featuring Michael Berns and a mention for Kieran Gilmurray.

Our topics included:
💡 1.) algorithmic trading and #ESG
💡 2.) the importance of EQ in finance
💡 3.) autonomous businesses
💡 4.) the most useful ways to discuss AI ethics
💡 5.) thoughts on GPT-3

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