💬 “When we talk about humanity, we’ve learned a lot at CloudFactory. We’ve learned that we’re all poor and that we’re all rich in different ways. And when we can pull together a huge number of diverse people who are passionate, to grow together, you can see amazing things happen.”

This is a conversation with Mark Sears

🎙️ Mark is CEO and Founder of CloudFactory. He’s a computer scientist who is driven daily by his passion for technology, business, and people. CloudFactory helps companies to automate and outsource routine back-office data work. They aim to connect 1 million people to online work, while raising them up as leaders to address poverty in their own communities. Their workforce is recruited from talent “hot spots” around the globe such as Nepal and Kenya where they say they can hire the best and brightest in areas where there are thousands of talented people, but limited opportunities for meaningful and sustainable employment.

🎧 In this episode, Mark tells the CloudFactory story that started in a café in Nepal with his wife and led to a thriving company with over 5,000 employees. I actually learned about CloudFactory many months ago and wanted to bring Mark onto the show to explore the company’s history and its ethos. I was fascinated by the way that CloudFactory is leaning towards social good, and I wanted to explore what this meant for their culture and especially their ability to think, act and innovate differently to their peers. Does a company that helps people to earn, learn and serve in developing countries have better foresight, broader perspectives, and less blind spots? Mark was very gracious with us, to allow vulnerability and honestly into this conversation. What he has done is a superb achievement, literally incredible, but in this conversation, he was humble about what they are doing and the challenges a company like this has to find ways to completely support their employees.

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