Could this be our ‘Pale Blue Dot’ moment?

30 years ago, Astronomer Carl Sagan had Voyager 1 take a photo of Earth from the edge of our planetary neighbourhood. From 4 million miles away, our home appeared as a tiny pixel in this image, showing just how fragile and small we really are.

At this challenging time, I wanted to read Carl’s poignant words, to remind us of the remarkable place we live. And how lucky we are to be on this planet, that at this moment in creation is habitable, and warm, and vibrant.

Since we are forced to pause our human activities, the smog is beginning to disperse, and the rivers are beginning to run clear again.

Could we take this opportunity to reconnect with our ecology? To love, admire and respect it?

Could we take the opportunity to find new personal aspirations, post-Covid-19?

Could this be our ‘Pale Blue Dot moment?

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