“There’s going to be a paradigm shift in how business is going to be conducted in the future and how we’re going to take care of employees. People are going to be slow to hire, but even slower to fire, because the connection between the employer and employee is going to be so strong.”

This is Boundless Rebooted. During #Covid19, we are broadcasting daily. Sharing messages from international Thought Leaders, about mental wellbeing, about #leadership and about the opportunities we have right now to make our world more #resilient, #collaborative and #sustainable.

This episode is with Terry Nichols. Terry is a visionary strategist and a Navy veteran. He’s an ambassador for refugees around the globe and the cofounder of Evolutionary Healer, a global transformational performance improvement company.
In this episode, Terry talks about how we can look forward not back at this time to build stronger global connections and transform businesses to build super strong relationships with colleagues and clients.

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