Esaú Flores is trusted Executive and Advisor on Funding Management, Commercial Excellence and Business Strategy.

“We are still in denial. We think we’re invincible, but actually we are already broken and we need to relearn and rethink. This [virus] is going to teach us a lesson about being in a good relationship with nature. Technology can help, but there is a massive process to finding a solution to the virus.” Esaú Flores

I invited thinker and problem solver Esaú Flores to share his latest insights. He is candid, he is realistic, he is ready for change. This is part of the Boundless #Rebooted mini-series. A chance for the Thought Leaders in our community to share short messages of hope; hope that when this is over, we will #reboot our economy, rekindle our relationship with nature and rethink our personal aspirations.

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