‘Beyond Journeys’ is a podcast mini-series that explores how electrifying road travel will shape our lives and our environment.

The series launches February 2021, and features an incredible selection of mobility leaders, data experts and environmental visionaries, including:

  • Mike Hughes, SVP End to End Digital Customer Relationships, Schneider Electric
  • Edward Houghton, Head of Research and Service Design at DG Cities
  • Carl Bayliss, Vice President, Mobility & Home Energy at Centrica
  • W. Christoph Domke, Senior Director – Clean and Smart Mobility Lead, Clean Energy/Digital Science Practice at FTI Consulting
  • Lavinia Burski, Technology Consultant, at AECOM
  • Jonthan Riggal, Director of Energy, Environment and Natural Resource in the Stantec UK business

Beyond Journeys’ is a series on the Boundless Podcast that explores with experts from industry, government, investment and academia how connected vehicles, electrification, shared mobility and data can deliver environmentally sustainable travel, revolutionise mobility and support the green transformation of the energy sector.

The rationale for this series:

The need for cleaner air and circular supply chains has shifted attention to the need for the mobility sector to radically transform.

In Europe and the UK strong political will, regulations & Net Zero targets, technology advancements and socioeconomic factors are driving major transformation in the automobile industry to support a cleaner environment with reduced emissions and circular supply chains.

Regulators, policy makers, OEMs, infrastructure & engineering organisations, technologists, researchers & investors are focusing their efforts on scaling out strategies to maximize value delivery in areas of electrification, connectivity & mobility.

The objectives for this series:

We seek to better understand how the key activities within the key sectors will evolve over the next decade to meet NetZero targets.

To do so, with this series we would like to examine:

  • Regulatory roadmap, expectations from key industry actors, government incentives and impact of Brexit on supply chain
  • Investment appetite
  • Ramp-up of electric vehicles
  • Developments in infrastructure and vehicle to grid application
  • Battery reuse and the circular economy 
  • Connectivity and the role of data and technology
  • Future mobility

The Beyond Journeys series puts host Richard Foster-Fletcher into conversation with some of the greatest global thinkers and action takers working to make our world more sustainable, more equitable and more connected. It revolves around one big idea – we need to think beyond journeys and harness digital technologies that will drive forward environmental sustainability and create lasting positive change. 

We explore the massive opportunities on the horizon to shape markets and consumer behaviours with environmental data and digital technologies. And we discuss some of the darker forces at play – including the attention economy, hyper-consumption, and the environmental and carbon footprint of digital technologies themselves.

Join the conversation and help us on the road to NetZero.

Beyond Journeys would not have been possible without the generous gift of time from the guests and the support of Tapan Trivedi