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Boundless podcast

The show about designing our digital future

What is the Boundless Podcast?

The Boundless Podcast is a pioneering platform that explores the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technologies across diverse sectors, including education, business, government, and local communities around the world. 

Hosted by MKAI Executive Chair Richard Foster-Fletcher, each episode features insightful conversations with global technologists, thought leaders, and researchers. The objective of the show is to explore and examine how digital technologies can provide a more equitable future for all of us.

Podcast Focus

At its core, the podcast delves into the profound implications, opportunities, and ethical considerations surrounding AI and data-driven technologies. Its scope encompasses the intricate intersections between technology and major global issues such as sustainability, climate change, work, mobility, equality, and access to opportunity.

Everything is connected

By engaging diverse stakeholders from businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), and global communities, the Boundless Podcast fosters a nuanced understanding of the ethical and sustainable integration of AI across various sectors. Through in-depth discussions, the show encourages listeners to embrace emerging technologies while thoughtfully addressing the greatest challenges humanity has faced, paving the way for innovative solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Regular New Episodes

New episodes are released regularly, offering the latest insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies. The Boundless Podcast is an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand and embrace the transformative power of technology while upholding ethical principles and sustainable practices on a global scale. The host, Richard has a particular fondness for extended series that explore an issue or idea in great depth.

Who it is for

The Boundless Podcast caters to a diverse audience seeking to understand and embrace transformative solutions that address humanity’s greatest challenges. Its content is tailored for those exploring how emerging technologies, new leadership models, and inspiring narratives can catalyse positive change and drive meaningful actions.

Whether you are an educator, student, entrepreneur, policymaker, or simply curious about harnessing the potential of innovation for societal progress, the Boundless Podcast offers valuable insights and perspectives. It invites listeners to embrace emerging technologies, leadership approaches, and compelling stories that can create a better future for all.

By providing a platform for thought-provoking conversations and ideas, the podcast empowers its audience to take positive actions within their respective spheres of influence, be it in education, business, public policy, or community initiatives. It fosters an understanding of how leveraging technological advancements, ethical leadership, and powerful storytelling can drive positive transformations that address long-standing societal challenges.


Boundless is hosted by
Richard Foster-Fletcher

Richard is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisor, Author and Speaker and a Top Voice on LinkedIn. Drawing on his experiences of working in blue-chip technology companies, he founded MKAI.org, an organisation dedicated to the responsible implementation of AI. 

He speaks about AI inclusivity, digital ethics, and the future of work, delivering lectures for universities, presenting to corporations and providing evidence for UK Parliament. A graduate of the MIT AI Strategy Course and a published author on the Future of AI, Richard is a member of the UN Resilience Frontiers Advisory Group for Communicating Climate Change and has collaborated with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to support their AI and Digital Transformation journey.

Richard’s extensive leadership experience in technology and innovation spans roles at prestigious organisations like Oracle Corporation, the BBC, and as an Advisory Board Member for the African Institute of AI.

Why listen to Boundless

The Boundless Podcast explores the intersections of sustainability, artificial intelligence, and equitable AI through conversations with global technologists, thought leaders, researchers, and the education sector. Each episode delves into the choices available to design an inclusive digital future.

We have built an incredible world driven by technological advancements. However, significant work remains to address inequalities, health crises, climate change, geopolitical tensions, and financial systems favouring the few over the many.

Emerging technologies hold immense potential to tackle these challenges, but only when aligned with the interests of consumers, investors, business leaders, and the education sector. The purpose of the Boundless Podcast is to embark on a conversational journey examining how we can collaborate towards a shared vision of equity and prosperity through technology and leadership.