Welcome to the Boundless podcast. The weekday show about designing our digital future.

Why listen to Boundless

The Boundless Podcast puts host Richard Foster-Fletcher into conversation with global Technologists, Thought leaders and Researchers. Each episode explores the choices available, globally and individually to design a better digital future, for all of us with technology.

The purpose of Boundless is to explore with these leaders through a conversational journey how we can contribute and collaborate towards a shared goal:

To have a digital future that works for everyone. To create a fully circular economy that recognises the intrinsic value of nature, respects personal data and enables access to digital platforms of creative contribution.

…for those who won’t stop thinking

Boundless is hosted by Richard Foster-Fletcher

Richard Foster-Fletcher

Richard the Managing Director of NeuralPath.io, an Artificial Intelligence Advisory and Strategy Practice. He broadcasts about how Human-Centric technologies can promote sustainable innovation, better business and higher levels of wellbeing in business and societies.

Formally an Executive with Oracle Corporation, Richard is a graduate of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Strategy Course with the Sloan School of Management and a contributing author to the book AI: The Future of Finance published by Wiley. Richard founded Milton Keynes Artificial Intelligence (MKAI), the thriving hub of AI in Milton Keynes.

Richard has delivered executive programmes on AI and the future of work for leading UK learning institutions such as Henley Business School. He is a visiting lecturer in Artificial Intelligence for Cranfield School of Management and a member of the Open University Advisory Board for a number of AI funded projects.